About Marijuana

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VIDEO: The Cannabis Chemist (FiveThirtyEight) + MORE

VIDEO: The Cannabis Chemist (FiveThirtyEight) – clear-uk.org All cannabis isn’t the same. Different plants have different chemical compositions. Chris Hudalla studies cannabis to help home growers treat seizures, multiple sclerosis, migraines and other illnesses....

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The CBD Phenomenon (Cannabis Now) + MORE

The CBD Phenomenon (Cannabis Now) – clear-uk.org CBD has powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, anti-depressant, anti-anxiety and anti-convulsive properties. But all of the identified cannabinoids (60+) and terpenoids (essential oils found in cannabis) have known therapeutic...

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VIDEO: The Scientist’. (CLEAR) + MORE

VIDEO: How Legal Cannabis is Working In Colorado (Reason) – clear-uk.org Its been over a year since cannabis was legalised in Colorado. Naysayers predicted total doom from breakdown of infrastructure, to a zombie-like high...